Welcome to my pet photography website. I've always had pets by my side growing up. Be it the usual birds and dogs or the more unlikely hermit crabs. I originally pursued motorsport photography after high school and up until 2014 when I took a break to focus on other endeavours.

After a number of years absent from the photography world, it was reignited when my work colleagues started to bring their dogs into the office every now and then. But it was one friends dog, Chewy, and his trademark one ear up and one ear down that got the photography bug back for me. I just couldn't resist wanting to organise a shoot one day, and capturing him in action.

After that shoot and a number of others, I started to develop a serious interest in pursuing pet photography. It certainly is a lot different to motorsport, in that it is much harder to predict the nature of your subject. But I feel my experience previously did well to help.

Right now I live vicariously through my friends and their dogs. This latest endeavour is still in its early days, but I hope you enjoy what you see and I'd love to have the opportunity to capture some great photos of your special and much loved furry family member.

Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.